BuyWell Announces First Customer Under BuyWell Care’s Coverage Plan

BuyWell is pleased to announce that it’s issued its first guaranteed issued extended health care coverage for medical cannabis.

BuyWell Care members can receive access to a team of doctors, naturopaths and other healthcare practitioners. Customers will also receive additional features of the program including earning loyalty points on their medical cannabis purchases.

Joshua Kenny was the first patient and his policy went into effect January 1st, 2019.

Kenny said, “As a medical cannabis patient for over 3 years, the decision to use BuyWell Care’s Medical Cannabis Coverage was obvious. The fact that it saved me money on prescription medication that I was purchasing anyways, plus the added support, discount and reward points made it an easy decision.”

BuyWell Care is accepting patient enrollment in Ontario residents and will be expanding their service across Canada at the beginning of Q1, 2019. Coverage will include treatments incorporating medical cannabis oils, dried flower and gel capsules. Patients that are interested in purchasing medical cannabis coverage can visit:

The coverage is currently available to all Canadians regardless of pre-existing condition. Coverage does not require members to switch out of their current insurance companies to access BuyWell Care’s benefits.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this coverage product to the Canadian market at a time when many Canadians are looking to add medical cannabis as part of their treatment regimen.” said Sweeny D’Souza of BuyWell Care. She added, “The ability to save Canadians money on their medical cannabis products and a provide a patient-coverage solution which requires no out-of-pocket expenses is truly a Canadian first.”

To help patients understand how much they can save with BuyWell Care’s Medical Cannabis Coverage, we have launched an online calculator. Patients can simply enter their dosage and their preferred method of treatment to receive an instant online quote. The calculator is available by visiting:

D’Souza also noted, “In less than 30 seconds medical cannabis patients can see how much they can save. Some patients have been able to realize savings of over $5,700 per annum on their existing medical cannabis treatment plans.”

With the introduction of BuyWell Care’s Medical Cannabis Coverage Plan, customers now have the ability to purchase high-quality health and wellness products and their medical cannabis treatments in one place.
BuyWell Co-Founder Amanda LeBlanc added, “We’re so excited with the team at BuyWell Care and the launch of Canada’s first Medical Cannabis Coverage. This is a great step in creating Canada’s first, all-encompassing, online Health and Wellness marketplace”

Customers interested in our health and wellness products can visit where they can find over 10,000 health and wellness products.

About BuyWell

BuyWell is an e-commerce marketplace providing access to over 10,000 high-quality, health and wellness products, healthcare services and affordable, alternative health coverage options through the BuyWell Care program.

BuyWell is a subsidiary of Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation (“EPIC”). EPIC is a financial-services holding company that owns, operates, and invests in businesses involved in designing, developing and distributing highly innovative insurance products and risk management solutions.

About Synergy Health Services

Synergy Health Services (“Synergy”), a division of EPIC, owns and operates multidisciplinary wellness centres that provide evidence-based, natural healthcare to clients seeking to change or improve their lives.

Synergy combines traditional, medical pain management with physiotherapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage and chiropractic services in the care of their patients.

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