Evergreen Pacific believes in the importance of good corporate governance and the central role played by directors in the governance process. Evergreen Pacific believes that sound corporate governance is essential to the well-being of the Company, its shareholders and policyholders.

Markers Insurance is a subsidiary of Evergreen Pacific. Markers, together with subsidiary Evergreen Pacific Reinsurance Company Limited (a company formed and licensed in Grand Cayman by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority), have designed. developed and are now actively marketing and selling highly innovative extended healthcare coverages for individuals and employer groups across Canada. Evergreen Pacific Reinsurance plans to introduce these coverages to select countries outside North America in the second half of 2019.

Corporate governance practices are aligned between Evergreen Pacific, Markers Insurance, Revolution Insurance Services and Evergreen Pacific Reinsurance Company Limited. The directors of Markers, Revolution and Evergreen Pacific Reinsurance each have considerable experience and expertise in financial services, including insurance management, claims management, and risk management.

Each of Evergreen Pacific, Markers, Revolution and Evergreen Pacific Reinsurance share essentially the same Board and Committee charters and other governance structures, as well as core processes, reporting procedures and business practices. The Board of Evergreen Pacific actively monitors whether the charters and other governance structures, processes, procedures and practices have been implemented and or followed by its subsidiary companies.