The International Alternative Health Association (aha!)

An independent, national not-for-profit organization serving a broad membership of individuals interested in health and wellness alternatives.

aha! supports the pursuit of better health outcomes through awareness and access to information, health professionals, and alternative health services and products, including alternatives that may not always be recognized and supported through publicly-funded Canadian healthcare channels.

aha! provides many benefits for its members, including insurance covering prescribed medical cannabis.


Toronto Institute Of Pharmaceutical Technology

Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT®) is North America’s premier pharmaceutical Institute of education, technology and research. TIPT was established in 1992 and registered in Canada by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities of Ontario.

Its reputation for outstanding pragmatic education and training in pharmaceutical technology is known worldwide and reflects the incredible success of its students as pharmaceutical professionals, as well the world-class novel research carried out by the faculty of the Institute.

Pain Care Clinics

At Pain Care Clinics we base our philosophy on a multidisciplinary approach, which fuses complimentary facets of health care and results in cutting edge quality treatment for our patients. Founded by an experienced and progressive group of physicians, each clinic has been built on a foundation of total care, that ensures every patient is provided with pain care that is both current and evidence-based.

At Pain Care Clinics, our team will customize a treatment plan based on individual patient needs. As some patients require extensive management of their pain while others more moderate, our skilled and knowledgeable staff will work you to create a treatment plan that is uniquely tailored to your circumstance. We pride ourselves in our state-of-the-art facilities; offering our patients and staff access to the latest technology and advanced pharmaceuticals, and making it possible for us to be us to be the leader in Chronic Pain Management in Ontario.



Anahit is a Toronto-based company committed to bridging the gap between the emerging market potential and the developed market demand in the international cannabis industry, following a primarily wholesale (B2B) model. This includes cultivation in emerging, regulated jurisdictions where the best natural climates can be utilized for low-cost, high-quality outdoor cannabis production. In addition to this, use of the state-of-the-art extraction systems produces extracts for local and export markets. The international operations are supported by Canadian technical experts, that introduce Health Canada approved methodology to Anahit-owned (or leased) farms and operations, which include growing techniques, extraction, storage, and product creation. The Canadian technical team is made up of technical experts from California and Colorado in the areas of extraction, product creation, and management of retail locations (where permitted). Anahit’s commitment is to use Canadian expertise to benefit an emerging sector in developing economies in a manner that’s responsible, accessible and economical.


International Cannabis Corp.

ICC International Cannabis’ corporate mandate is to plan, design, build and operate the highest quality, lowest cost Cannabis production, processing and distribution facilities worldwide. ICC boasts an in-depth understanding of both the Cannabis and biomedical industries, as well as world-class experience within the many associated Cannabis industry vehicles and derivatives. The Company is equipped with a suite of comprehensive solutions for emerging companies within the Cannabis industry. ICC’s robust service offering allows the Company to formulate key alliances and critical associations within a wide range of Cannabis verticals.


CannOps Consulting

CannOps has a collection of value-added services that aid with cost control and can increase the overall quality of the products. Distillation and the production of isolates can be done in order to create purified cannabinoids to meet the customers needs and/or to produce ingredients for further products.

CannOps retains close relationship with many of the advanced technology holders in North American and will leverage these relationships to continue to have the superior value-added technology in all operations